Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowy Day Idea #1 - The Kitchen Band.

It's the third day into a 30 inch snowstorm in Baltimore and I'm sure that many parents are losing their minds. Now is a great time to get the kids together and make some music.

Idea number one: Put on one of your favorite recordings and gather anything in the kitchen that is unbreakable. Put all of the kitchen implements into a large plastic container and take it into a room with a lot of space. Now you can have a kitchen band. Really! You can even have the kids help you choose what should go into the container. Metal measuring spoons work well. Plastic or wooden spoons make great drum sticks. Old pots and pans make great drums. Empty oatmeal containers also make good drums but they just aren't as substantial as they used to be. Don't forget cardboard boxes. Tape them back together and bang away.

If you have taken the kids to a Music Together class you may use "Playin' in the Kitchen" as your accompaniment. I'm sure that other preschool music classes have recordings for kitchen bands, too.

I'd love to hear about your kitchen band experiences. Tell us about your instruments and recordings.