Monday, August 31, 2009


August 31, 2009

For years people have been asking me how I raised such musical children and for many years I've been thinking about this question. I've decided to start this blog to write down my ideas on this subject. Really, it's NOT rocket science.

Since I've been teaching preschool music for 15 years I also get questions about where to find piano and instrumental teachers and what to do after preschool music classes. I'll also be gathering some of this information. Of course I will begin with classes in the Baltimore area and after that, who knows?

My spelling and grammar can be quite ragged at times. Please let me know if I've made any mistakes that spell-checker doesn't catch and I'll be happy to correct them. I always say, "A creative mind is a messy mind. " and mine must be really creative since it's so messy.

Hm? Now to find a photo to put on the site. I just might need a new one.